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      項目地址:中國杭州江干區世茂天宸 設計公司:中裝美藝ZZMY 設計師:吳艷、嚴建中
      設計意圖:以獨特的東方文化元素為設計背景,創導“世界向東”的設計理念,向國內外人士介紹中國文化元素之美Design intention: take the unique oriental cultural element as the design background, create and guide the design idea of "the world to the east", introduce the beauty of the Chinese cultural elements to the people at home and abroad

      紫色是自然界最罕見的顏色之一,具有高貴、優雅、浪漫、沉穩的氣質,從古至今被引申為高貴的象征,特別是中國隋唐時期就已經成為帝王和高官的專有服色。Purple is one of the rarest colors in nature, with noble, elegant, romantic, calm temperament, has been extended to the ancient times as a symbol of nobility, especially in the Sui and Tang dynasties of China has become the exclusive color of emperors and senior officials.
      本案的靈感源于古時代表圣賢和帝王的“金魚袋紫色衣”描述,在中國傳統中,以“紫衣蟒袍,飾腰黃”來專指三品以官員,服飾上面還會飾以品級對應的規定刺繡圖案,是中國古人對仕途的最高追求,所謂“紫氣東來,常受天福”。he inspiration for this case came from the description of "goldfish bag purple clothes", which represented saints and emperors in ancient times. In Chinese tradition, "purple python robes and waist yellow" were used to refer specifically to three level of officials, and the costumes were also decorated with a prescribed embroidery pattern corresponding to the grade. Is the highest pursuit of official career in ancient China, so-called, "purple to the east, often blessed."

      餐客廳的空間以開放的格局彰顯氣度,陳設上以背景處的“紫氣江山圖”為主要設計軸,配色上采用中國傳統“紫金衣冠”的形和色元素進行有效提取運用,以高貴紫色、帝黃色和碧玉綠色串聯起空間的每一個角落,整體空間猶如一塊高貴迷人、結構細致、質地純正、玉性油性俱佳的天然多彩翡翠,在經過了精雕美工后彰顯出工法利落、手感滑膩的奢迷韻味。餐桌和墻面的幾何線形的設計與傳統元素的撞擊,巧妙的展現出一種突破常規的時尚大戲。The space in the dining room is open to show its magnanimity. The main design axis is "Purple Qi Jiangshan Picture" in the background, and the color matching adopts the shape and color elements of the traditional Chinese "purple gold dress" for effective extraction and use, so as to be noble and purple. The overall space is like a piece of noble and charming, meticulous structure, pure texture, natural colorful jadeite with excellent jade and oil quality. A lusty taste of luxury. The geometric linear design of dining table and wall and the impact of traditional elements ingeniously show a fashion drama that breaks through the convention.

      主臥空間依然延續紫色調,在陳設上更多的彰顯女主人的溫婉的氣度,床的設計靈感來源于中國古代服飾的“云肩”,云肩是從中國早期神仙服飾發展而來,后來成為了人們衣飾的重要元素,設計師將云肩紋樣與手繪線稿的壁布結合使用,氣質得以錘煉而升華,這里龍袍的陳列有效的點明了設計主題。The main bedroom space still continues the purple tone, more displays the hostesss gentle demeanor, the bed design inspiration comes from the Chinese ancient dress "cloud shoulder", the cloud shoulder is from the early Chinese god fairy clothing development from the development. Later it became an important element of peoples clothing. The designer combined the cloud shoulder pattern with the wall cloth of the hand-drawn line manuscript, and the temperament was refined and sublimated. The display of the dragon robe here effectively pointed out the design theme.

      女兒房采用藍粉色系的陳設與水墨墻面結合使用,一股濃濃的水墨書香味道撲面而來,對下一代的期許都在設計中得以體現。The daughters room is a combination of blue and pink display and ink wall, with a strong smell of ink and ink, and the expectations of the next generation are reflected in the design.

      書房工作間是有別于傳統書房的設計,刺繡工作和學習閱讀空間相結合,不同于將工作帶回家的書房,這里紫色和粉色的結合陳設給人一種輕松和自在感。Study work room is different from the design of traditional study, embroidery work and study reading space combine together, different from the study that bring work home, the combination of purple and pink set up here gives a person a kind of relaxed and comfortable feeling.




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